BrowserX4 (Paid) 12.1.0 Apk Full Paid

Do you want to use the browser to browse all kinds of information at the same time? Including: network, video, stock, virtual currency, news, translation … and so on.

Now this app is sure to meet your needs!


Han Chang Lin

June 17, 2019
Requires Android
4.4 and up

You want to be able to simultaneously browse many types of information with the browser. You can also access network, video and stock information, as well as news, translations, and virtual currency.
This app will meet all your needs.

Four browsers in one display!
It’s easier to browse the internet.

* Four web browsers can simultaneously be displayed.
* Previous/Next page button
* Share Screen button
* Four Window Extension Mode.
* Previous/Next URL button
* Click to Save URL
* Touch and control up to four browsers simultaneously
* A lightweight UI design can reduce memory usage and increase performance.

If your device is unable to run the Android System WebView app, make sure you update it to the most recent version. You will need to restart your device after installing the WebView upgrade.

What’s new

Bugs fixed.



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