AirDroid: Remote access & Files Mod APK for Android App 2022

AirDroid is your best personal mobile device management suite, which is built on 10 years of non-stop improvements, including file transfer and management, screen mirroring, remote control, and receive SMS notifications right from your computer – all can be done with just one AirDroid app.

April 11, 2022
Requires Android
4.0 and up

AirDroid is the best mobile device management software available. It was built upon 10 years of continuous improvements. This includes screen mirroring and remote control. You can also receive SMS notifications from your computer using one AirDroid app.
Major Features
1. You can transfer files super fast and without any limitations
AirDroid allows you to transfer files at a breakneck speed of 20MB/s using both local and distant connections. You can enjoy the same uncompromising productivity experience whether you are using Wi-Fi, 4G or 5G networks. You can also use the nearby feature to send photos and video files directly to your friends without having to create an account.

2. All-in-one file management
You can manage your photos, videos and music on your device using either the web client or the desktop client You can also automatically upload your photos and videos to your computer. This will allow you to save storage space and prevent your privacy from being compromised.

3. Screen Mirroring
You can wirelessly mirror your Android devices to your pc so you can share your screen and images with your students or other partners. AirDroid allows you to stream your broadcast and share your games and pictures with your audience.
Screen mirroring does not require that the computers and phones be connected to the same network. It is a practical solution in many situations.

4. Remote Control Android devices
You can remotely take full control of your Android phones without rooting them. All you have to do is connect to the AirDroid client to quickly set up your Android devices.
Remote control for AirDroid can be set up quickly and works smoothly, even if you are on the other end of the world.
*If you want to remotely control an Android device using another Android device, then you will need AirMirror.

5. Remote Monitoring
Use unused Android phones. You can have them act as your eyes using the remote camera feature. You can monitor the environment around your device or hear the sounds of the surrounding environment with One-Way audio.
You can monitor your pets and newborns, or protect your home with existing cameras.

5. Notifications and SMS Management
AirDroid allows you to focus on your work with the ability to manage your phone from your computer.
You can send and receive texts, connect with headsets, copy or enter the phone number, and make calls right from your computer. You can sync all of your phone’s app notifications, such as WhatsApp Messenger, Line and Facebook Messenger, to the computer using the Notification feature. You can reply directly from your desktop to them. You can always reply to important messages on your desktop.

6. You can make calls from the PC
AirDroid allows you to import bulk phone numbers directly from the desktop client. Simply click on Call and speak to customers or friends via the handset or Bluetooth headset. AirDroid saves you time and eliminates the risk of making mistakes when entering phone numbers into mobile phones.

Q: Do I need to register an account in order to use AirDroid
A: You can use all features of AirDroid under both local and remote connections. You don’t have to register but you can still use AirDroid with limited features under the same wifi.

Q: Is AirDroid safe to use?
A: AirDroid can be used free of charge under your local area network. The 200MB/month data limit for the free account is not applicable to non-local networks. Remote cameras cannot be used if the account is running on a non-local network. To unlock all functions and services, we recommend upgrading to premium.

What’s new

2022/04/11 v4.2.9.9

1. Dynamic mode optimizes the stability and speed of remote connections.
2. Other bug fixes and improvements


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