Cross DJ Pro APK V3.5.9

The 1st pro DJ app on Android, downloaded by millions. Mix tracks in perfect sync on a powerful audio engine. Engineered & designed by Mixvibes, …

January 9, 2022
Size 24 M
Version 3.5.9
Requires Android 4.4

Millions have downloaded the 1st Android DJ app. A powerful audio engine allows you to mix tracks perfectly in sync. Mixvibes is a digital DJing pioneer of 15 years.

Recording mixes using streamed tracks from SoundCloud will not be possible due to copyright issues.

“”Old piece of work.” ” DJ Mag)”””” impressive app”” “” The Guardian”””””allenging our notions of what can be done on a touchscree”” “”” Android Polic””””””od looks, great sounding FX, great sync engin'” ‘”ip”mode, proper loops and cue”” “”” DJ TechTools)

* Music accurate BPM detection down to the last decimal
* Ableton Link: Sync Cross DJ Pro and Remixlive with Ableton Life, any Link-compatible apps, or with Ableton music.
* Stable sync: One-press and the two tracks never leave phase
* Quantize mode: Hot cues and loops are automatically placed on the beat
* Customizable manual pitch range (4 to 100%)
* Progressive, manual pitch bend
* Waveform view: Parallel waveforms for pitch-bending
* High-quality beat-grid editing to make sure every track syncs properly
* Split audio: Pre-listen to your music tracks before you mix them
* Automix: Cross DJ mixes tracks and plays music automatically from any source (playlist or album).

* Realistic scratch sound – as on turntables
* Music reacts immediately to your actions with low latency
* Audio FX: Echo, Delay and Flanger, Hi & Low Pass, Echo, Delay and Flanger, Choppers, Rolls, Phasers, Brakes & many more
* Loops (16-332), slip loops, 16 large hot cues pads
* Sampler: 72 samples that are synced to central player
* Record and play your samples
* Record your mix and share it on SoundCloud, Mixcloud or Facebook.
* Keylock mode: Change the BPM without changing the tone
* Key detection: Find the key to the songs and identify which songs sound best together
* Autogain: automatically equalizes 2 tracks’ levels + Autosync
* External mixer: Control EQs and crossfaders with hardware mixers
* Supported MIDI controllers: Pioneer DDJ-SB & DDJ-WeGO2, U-Mix Control 1&2, U-Mix Control Pro 1&2, Gemini Mix2Go. Android M now supports MIDI control
* Multichannel audio on devices running Android Marshmallow

* Standard DJ setup: 2 decks, crossfader and Cue/Play/Sync buttons
* 3-band mixer with DJM-EQ preset
* Separate tabs: Swipe to display different panels on each of the sides
* Mix SoundCloud: Explore, Play & Mix all SoundCloud (need to have a Soundcloud Go+ Account)
* Large waveform view: scratch and see the music + set cue precisely
* Sort your music library alphabetically by artist, title, length, BPM, or length
* Download MP3s, AAC and FLAC to your computer.
* Separate tabs: Swipe to display different panels on each of the sides
* Navigation by folder
* Portrait mode: single big player
* You can change the color of eadddeck to blue, orange, yellow, green or purple.
* Large pads and controls
* Designed for tablet and mobile devices
* Optimized to work with Intel processors

* Android 4.4
* 4″”screen
* RAM: 2GB
* Dual-core processorWWWhat’sNewBecauseuse you are the best DJs. You deserve the best tools. We keep improving Cross DJ to ensure you have the best experience possible during your mixWW

What’s new

Android 11+: Fixing audio issues
– Correct the issue that occurred when background analysis was not being run
– SoundCloud public playlists can be enabled
– Stability improvement

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